Vocational-School-FinancingGC Lending Services has helped vocational and proprietary schools all across the nation get more students enrolled into their classes.

  • Do your students need help paying for school?
  • Have you been searching for a new funding program for your students?
  • Would you like to offer your students a way to pay for tuition AFTER graduation and also issue the student their certificate without┬áhaving to worry about getting paid?
  • Are you currently holding certificates on students that owe you money?
  • If you were able to offer a longer payment plan for your students, would more people attend your school?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then GC Lending Services has the products to help you and your students.

Our business consultants work with numerous schools each month and help these schools increase their enrollment every day. We will work directly with you to evaluate your school and design a payment plan specific to your situation and business model.

In House Consumer Financing

This program allows your business to receive payment for your services UPFRONT. Rather than check the credit of your customers, we’re simply analyzing their check writing and re-payment history. Because of this, we’re able to approve 50-60% of customers who apply.

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