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Purchase Order FinancingWhether you are a startup or want to grow your business, you need to partner with professionals who understand how to meet your individualized needs. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, our experts at GC Lending Services specialize in finding the right financial solutions that will meet your needs. We have the experience and connections necessary to help startups and businesses with poor cash flow. Additionally, we have the experience and connections necessary to help almost any business thrive.

Our purchase order financing program was designed to help meet today’s challenges for businesses. Numerous companies find locating funds to procure presold merchandise more challenging than sales or production. Our team is here to help.

Areas of Expertise

At GC Lending Services, we know how to help producers, resellers of manufactured products, wholesalers, and distributors. Our team is dedicated to your success, and we will always find the best financing solutions for your company.

Program Highlights

Our program has numerous benefits, including:

  • We do not require companies to sell equity or acquire bank debt to grow.
  • We always ensure prompt deliveries to your customers.
  • We offer fast and flexible funding options.
  • We allow companies to drive revenue by filling large orders.

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