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Merchant Cash AdvanceIf you are seeking an alternative to a small business loan, look no further than a merchant cash advance from GC Lending Services. Use the advance against your merchant account to secure an amount up to $200,000 per business location. Once you have secured the advance – which is usually available within seven days – you are able to use the capital in any way you choose. Some of the more common uses of these advances include the following:

  • Inventory
  • Advertising
  • Expansion

When you are in need of an expeditious cash advance, you can count on GC Lending Services.

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance

While it should be quite obvious that the rapid availability of this cash advance is extremely beneficial, there are several other benefits that are of equal importance. With a cash advance from GC Lending Services, there are no closing costs and there is no need for an application fee. Additionally, we do not employ fixed payments and there is no loss of equity. When it comes to paying back the advance, we make the process simple so that you can take advantage of the rapid access to the capital required for growth.

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When you are in need of an advance that represents an excellent alternative to a small business loan, call on us at GC Lending Services so that we can provide you with access to the capital you need to succeed.

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