Equipment Leasing and Financing is Easy Again

Equipment LeasingFor many years clients of GC Lending have depended on us to help them purchase the equipment necessary to operate successfully. These necessary pieces of equipment may be purchased as part of the initial investment in a business or might be acquired in order to support company expansion and growth. We offer a range of equipment leasing programs to better help businesses of all sizes procure the equipment they require.

Sale and Lease Back

This equipment financing program is allows organizations to leverage the equity value of equipment currently owned. The company makes a sale directly to GC Lending; we then lease it back to the client at a reasonable rate. Once the terms of financing have been fulfilled the client company regains full ownership of the equipment.

B, C, and D Credits

This financing program is especially designed for businesses and business owners that have suffered credit setbacks as a result of the recent economic downturn. This is a type of second chance program; we will develop a financing program that will help clients rebuild their companies.

Startup Program

We are pleased to offer financing to businesses just starting up. This particular leasing program is designed especially for organizations less than two years old; we can help you finance the equipment necessary to make a solid start as a company.

Municipal and Government Leasing

Government and municipal agencies have distinctive equipment needs that standard financial institutions may not adequately serve. We offer a competitive equipment leasing program to all local, state, and federal governmental agencies, including:

  • Fire houses
  • Public libraries
  • Public schools
  • Armed service divisions

Any state- or federally-controlled agency can qualify for leasing under this program. Simply speak to a GC Lending Services associate to find out more.

The Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is a simple and straightforward method of securing the equipment necessary for business operation, growth, and expansion. Low monthly payments make budgeting simple and there can be tax advantages to leasing, as well. Contact GC Lending today to learn more about leasing.

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