Bridge Loans and Hard Money That Works for You

Bridge Loans & Hard MoneyCompanies in need of a quick financial solution should take a closer look at hard money and bridge loans from GC Lending Services. These financial products provide support for complex projects and other operations requiring dedicated economic coverage. With the help of a GC Lending associate, your organization can get a project back on the road to a successful completion.

A Flexible Financing Solution

Projects frequently require an uninterrupted source of financing in order to meet the goals set by the company. Organizations waiting for primary financial support to finalize may be left with a gap in necessary funding. This is where bridge and hard money loans come in handy. These products are designed especially for organizations facing a gap in financing. Though a bridge loan is not a perfect fit for every organization, it is a solution that is well-suited to many different circumstances.

Bridge Loan Features

A bridge loan from GC Lending Services has many valuable features, such as:

  • International and national lending areas
  • Loans in the amount of $1,000,000 – $100,000,000
  • LTV of up to 80%
  • Interest rate variable upon value of collateral
  • Interest only amortization

Your Business Lending Partner

GC Lending Services can finalize a bridge loan within one month. With origination fees of 1% – 4%, this is one of the most convenient financing solutions available today. Contact us today to get started.

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